Our Mission

The mission of the Pittsburgh Derby Brats is to nurture bold self-confidence in youth by developing teamwork and athletic ability while treasuring individuality within a culture of integration, encouragement, and service to others, all through the practice, play and promotion of Roller Derby.


Your donations help keep roller derby in Pittsburgh and help us welcome everyone into our league. All donations are tax-deductible and directly support our league. The Pittsburgh Derby Brats are an all-volunteer 501c3 organization.  All donations go directly to league support and are tax-deductible. 

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 Supporting The Pittsburgh Derby Brats means that you are investing in Pittsburgh's Roller Derby future. Your sponsorship allows us to keep roller derby accessible to any girl, boy, or gender-expansive athlete who aspires to strap on skates as they discover how strong they can be individually, as part of a team, and as a member of a diverse, inclusive, and dynamic community.